Policies & Numbers

Our Numbers, Procedures, and  Policies Page

For new consumers to a professionally run estate sale, the rules and number's
policies can be a bit of a mystery. That's why we have included this page to inform you of
the terminology used in our ads and at the sales.

Temporary Pre-Numbers vs Official Numbers

Many times persons wanting to be the first, second, third, etc., will arrive early at the sale
and create a hand written list of temporary numbers. Early Birds sign the list with their
name in the order they arrive. Most people find that a temporary numbers list to be helpful
in maintaining an orderly system until the official numbers are passed out. We at  Estate
Sale Liquidators, do not issue these temporary lists. The responsibility of the temporary
list and the rules associated with them, are solely that of the people in line. You will still
need to line up in order and receive your official number from a staff member of our
company. Official Numbers are handed out beginning one hour prior to the sale time.

Official Numbers are used at sales to maintain order upon the opening of the sale. Each
person who arrives prior to the sale opening on the first day, must have an official
number. We do not continue to hand out numbers after the sale has opened. When
receiving a number from us, we will distribute one number per person only. We ask that
you get in line, by number, no later then 10 minutes prior to the opening of the sale. If you
are not present when your number is called, your number is no longer valid and you must
go to the back of the line. Please understand, it is not fair to those consumers
who have waited patiently in line until their number is called.

How many people we let into a sale will be determine by the size of the building, how full
the sale is, how quickly the consumers move through the sale and how many people we
can safely allow to enter the sale without damage to people and property. We will always
let in as many people as safely possible. Usually after the first few hours, the mad rush is
over and all are allowed to enter and shop. We want your shopping experience to be a fun
and rewarding one, so please help us by following the rules.

Our Policies

All sales are final. Everything is sold AS-IS. Please inspect your purchases carefully
before you buy them as there are no refunds or exchanges.

We Accept CASH and Local Checks with Proper Photo ID.

Please provide your own help to move large and heavy objects. We cannot assist with
moving items due to insurance reasons. All items purchased must be removed from the
sale during sales hours. ( the exceptions are pianos, pool tables and other large objects
that require specialty movers.) We appreciate your removing your purchases as soon as

If you have any questions about our policies, please feel free to call us or speak with a
member of our staff on duty at the sale.
We Look Forward to Seeing You at Our Next Sale!