There are many companies who do estate and moving sales in Central
Florida. We know how difficult it is to choose one company over another.
Which company will be sensitive to your sales needs? Which company will
yield you the most profits?

We offer three methods for household personal property liquidation,
based on our clients' specific needs...

1. We Offer CASH Buy-Outs for One Item to Complete Estates.

2. For minimal estates and where sales are not permitted such as some
condos, gated communities, or retirement homes, the items will be moved to
another location for the best exposure to insure a great sale.

3. For a home filled with a lifetime's accumulation, we conduct the sale
on-premise based on a reasonable percentage of the gross sales.

* We will conduct a complete on-site examination supported by digital photography and
detailed descriptions. We also do extensive market research and analysis using our vast
library of the latest pricing standards guides and Internet resources before we prepare
our Final Fair Market Value Report. Prior to a sale, we price all items to be sold. Then
items are expertly grouped and staged for maximum sales potential. We personally
oversee all aspects of every sale along with our seasoned and knowledgeable staff.

What sets us apart from other estate sale companies and auction

* We offer CASH Buy-Outs for the fastest liquidation method, most can be completed in as
little as 1 or 2 days.
* Or if you choose to use our service on a percentage method... Our Commission Rates...
Often our commission rates are lower. We keep our overhead costs down and we pass
on the savings to our clients without sacrificing quality of service.
* Never any out of your pocket expenses for servicing your sale.
* Our extensive knowledge of the ever changing market of Antiques & Contemporary
* Our many  years of successful past sales events in the Central Florida area.
* Our fast turn around time for setting up, executing the sale, and reconciliation.
* Our experienced, friendly, and caring staff. We think of our staff as family and make sure
our clients are treated like family too. We understand the sensitive and emotional nature
that can be present for most estate sales. We believe that the personal lives of our clients
are personal. Personal issues are not discussed with anyone outside of our organization.
We respect our clients right to privacy.
* Unsurpassed customer service. Customer service does not end at the signing of the
contract. Our customer service goes well beyond that and more. We make sure our
clients understand every aspect of the sale, from sale set up to sale reconciliation.
*  We also meet with our clients prior to the sale to view the prices and review our policies
and procedures one last time before we open the sale to the public, if

Listed here are a few of the things we do to insure a successful sale.

A sampling of our services:

* Meeting with you before the sale to discuss your expectations as well as explain our
* Attractively display your personal property on tables covered with linens.
* Place more valuable and fragile items in locked display cases for security.
* Stage your home furnishings in a professional manner to appeal to the buyers.
* Clean any glassware and polish any silver that warrants it.
* Our experienced staff prices all items according to fair market value.
* For higher value and rare items expert market research using the latest techniques will
be performed.
* Highly visible professional road signs are placed on the streets the day of the sale, to
direct traffic (where permitted by community regulations).
* Information regarding your sale will be posted on this site, Craig's List, along with
photos and maps directing people to the sale. Also E-mail advertisements about your
sale will be sent to our exclusive 1000+ clients who have signed up for our e-mail
notification program. We never use Spam, all our email addresses are persons who have
attended our sales in the past or have signed up on this web site.
* This means more serious buyers, assuring a successful sale.
* General clean up after the sale. Removal/disposal of any unwanted items per your
instructions. Property left broom swept clean.
* Provide a final inventory of all sale items upon reconciliation.

Who uses our services?

* Banks, Attorneys, Personal Representatives, and Private Individuals.
* People such as retirees, moving from a larger home to a smaller one.
* Executors who must liquidate entire estates.
* Someone making a long distance move who doesn't want to incur the expense of
moving large collections of household items.
* A person that has one or a few pieces, to a complete houseful of items, that would like
to sell them for a fair market value.
* We do many sales based on referrals from satisfied clients.

There is never any cost or obligation for an interview of your personal needs.
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